Show Your Power

Lazada Philippines

E                   A             E     B          E
He is the Lord, and He reigns on high.  He is the Lord.
E                           A         E      B          E
Spoke into the darkness, created the light.  He is the Lord.
E                           A          E     B          E
Who is like unto Him, never ending in days.  He is the Lord.
E                              A           E     B          E
And He comes in power when we call on His name.  He is the Lord.

                      E  F#m      E/G#     B
    Show (Send) Your po – wer, Oh Lord our God.
                      E  F#m       E/G#     B        E
    Show (Send) Your po – wer, Oh Lord our God, our God.

      E                      A            E       B            E
Your gospel Oh Lord, is the hope for our nation.  You are the Lord.
E                       A          E       B            E
It’s the power of God for our salvation.  You are the Lord.
E                            A           E      B            E
We ask not for riches, but look to the cross.  You are the Lord.
E                        A           E     B            E
And for our inheritance give us the lost.  You are the Lord.


©1991 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Kevin Prosch

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