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(Psalm 71:23)    

                             Bb/C   F                  
        Such joy!
                      Bb                           F                  
        Such unspeakable joy.
         Dm7       C                  
        Such peace,
                         Gm7   BbM7      C                  
        An  everlast – ing     peace;
         Bb/C      F                  
        Such love,
        A  pure and  ho – ly love,
            Gm7     F/G     C     Csus  F                  
        Spirit, have Your  way  in  me.

        (Repeat Chorus)   

    (  C [add F]   ——    Bb/C  to verse )                  

                  Bb/C                 F                             C
    There’s a peace that floods my soul
                         Bb                                 C                                 
    When the Spirit of the Lord
                   F  ——  C           
    Is in control;
         F                                           C
    There’s a joy no bounds can hold,
    When the Spirit blows
                                        C                          F                  
    A fresh wind  through my soul.
    C/E           Dm  C/D   BbM9                      Csus
    Ho – ly Spir – it   flow   through  me;
                          Dm       C/D   BbM9                  
    Touch my heart and there will,
      C          F/C    Bb/C                  
    There  will    be

                 (Repeat Chorus & Verse)   
                  (Repeat Chorus twice)    

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