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Thanks, thanks

I give You thanks

For all You’ve done

I am so blessed

My soul is at rest

O Lord I give you thanks

(Repeat Chorus)

Thank You Lord

For the strength You give

To simply carry on

Through life’s toils and tests

The worst and best

Never left alone

Always right beside me

He hears me when I pray

And since I first began

You’ve been my dearest friend

I give You all the praise

(Repeat Chorus)

Even in the valley when

Everything’s going wrong

Even on the mountain

Your loving presence

makes me strong

Each and every moment

And each and every day

I’m gonna sing and shout

Don’t let the rocks cry out

I give You all the praise

(Repeat Chorus 3 times)

O Lord I give You thanks

O Lord I give You thanks

We give You thanks


Album: Revive Us Again

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