We Are Your Children

Lazada Philippines

D               G
We are Your children
     D                 Bm7  G
And we need Your love.
D              G
You are our Father,
      D                        G     D    A
And You come down from heav-en up above,
To pour out  mercy,
A            G
To pour out  love.

Bm                     G
With all of our weak-nesses,
Bm                    G
With all of our fail-ures,
Bm                      G                     A
With all of the things  that we’re ashamed of,
G       A       D  Bm7  G
We come to You.

D       Bm7    G
We come to you


©1997 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP) (Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Michael Hansen

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