We Exalt Your Name

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C      Dm7      G     C     Am7   Em7           G
You are the holy one, the     Lord most high
C      Dm7     G   Am7  Em7                G
You reign in majesty, You reign on high
C      Dm7      G       C    Am7   Em7                  G
You are the worthy one,      Lamb that was slain
C      Dm7            G          Am7
You bought us with your blood,
F                              Esus  E
And with You we’ll reign

A                     E                        D         E        A  Esus E
We exalt your name High and mighty one of Israel
A                      E                    D       E
We exalt your name lead us on to war
              A                   Esus E
In the power of Your name
A                      E                F#m7                 D
We exalt your name, The Name above all Names
        A            F#m7   Bm7    E                A     Dm7  G
Our victorious king,   we exalt Your name

(additional verse)
You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords
All men will bow to You, before your throne


©1988 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing. (ASCAP)(Admin. by Mercy / Vineyard Publishing)

Words and Music by Andy Park

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