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Intro: D – A/C# – Bm – Bm/A – Em7 – Asus – A (2x)

Verse 1:
D F#m
We wait
Bm A G Em
We’re not in a hurry
Asus A D F#m
Oh, we need You Lord, we wait
Bm A G Em
All our cares and worries
A F# Bm
We lay aside for You
F#m Em A F#
O how we long to see Your face
Bm F#m Em Asus – A
O how we long for Your embrace
D F#m
We wait
Bm A G Em
We’re not afraid to tarry
We yearn for You Lord
D F#m Bm A G
We wait for Your mighty wings to carry us
A F#7 Bm
Into Your presence Lord
F#m Em Asus – A
* And as we fill this house with praise
Bm F#m Em Asus – A
Let Your holy fire fill this place
D F#m Bm
As we wait
We wait

(Repeat *)
D F#m Bm A G Em – Asus – A
We wait. . . as we wait (4 x)
We wait

by : Don Moen, Hossana Music

Album : I Will Sing

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  1. jakeson Said,

    November 25, 2009 @ 4:45 am

    being in the ministry of praise and worship, this web help me a lot,,,thanks and Godbless


  2. patoo kym Said,

    July 23, 2012 @ 6:07 am

    can’t someone change the songs transpose??


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