Whenever I See

Lazada Philippines

G           C/G       G   C/G
Whenever I see Your face
G                C/G       G  C/G
Then all of my fears can fly
G    Em7     D           G/D
Whenever I clearly hear
D                    C
The times when I ask You why
G           C/G       G    C/G
Whenever I feel Your arms
G             C/G      G    C/G
Whenever You hold me close
G     Em         D            G/D 
For then I will see Your face
D               C    G
As I am found in You

Lead me to know You more
And help me to understand
You cause me to see in faith
All of Your dreams and plans
For faith is perfected now
In living and loving You
In hope never wavering
Completely found in You
Em         F            C/E
Now the heavens can be home
        Dsus4  D        G
For my spirit has been freed
Em7      F           C/E
And my soul it rests in You,
      Dsus4    D       G
Your life is found in me.
            Em7             C2
And this death it ends in life
           Em7                 C2
With this faith in love fulfilled
        G/D                C/D  D        N.C.
And my eyes will finally see     Your face


Words and Music by Geoff Bullock

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