Will You Worship

Lazada Philippines

Deep in my soul is a tug of war
     Bb                      Csus
I’m struggling to know what this life is for
I try so hard to stay in control
    Bb                  Csus
To hold back the tears, to not let go
Eb                 Bb
I don’t know why I hang on so long
       Gm7                F               C
When I know the question you are asking me

(chorus 1 – 2x)
Will you worship, will you bow down
     Bb                   F  C
Before your Lord and King?
Will you love me, will you give me
          Bb                F  C
Your heart, your everything?

Eb                  Bb
Right here and now, I make my choice
     Gm7         F                C
With all my love I will answer you

(chorus 2 – 3x)
I will worship, I will bow down
      C                G  D
Before my Lord and King
I will love you, I will give you
      C                 G
My heart, my everything


©1994 Mercy / Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP)(Admin. by Music Services)

Words and Music by Brian Doerksen

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