You Are Holy

Lazada Philippines

F#m            E/G#                A          B
You raised the mountains up and laid the valleys low.
F#m        E/G#              A               B
You lift the humble heart and break the prideful soul.
F#m           E/G#          A
You chase the darkness from my life,
         B         E
Lord you make me whole.

           A E/G#
    You are holy,
    B/F#            E
    Holy is the Lord.
           A E/G#
    You are holy,
    B/F# B      E
    Holy is the Lord.
           A B  E/G#  A  
    You are holy, ho  -  ly,
    F#m7 B7 E
    Ho  -  ly   is the Lord.

In Your power and Your glory I can see.
The God of love and grace who’s reaching out to me.
I’ve been made righteous by Your blood,
Lord You’ve set me free.


Words and Music by Rick Cole

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