(Philippians 2:11)


C/G Dm/G C Em7

You are Lord, You are Lord

FM9 Dm7

You are Lord of everything

Dm7/G CM7

Jesus, You are Lord of everything

Dm7/G C Em7

You are righteous and holy

FM9 Dm7

Full of mercy and truth

Dm7/G C2 (Gm7 – C7)

Jesus, You are Lord of everything


F Dm7

Cover me with the blood

Dm7/G Em7 – Em7/A – Am7

From Cal – vary

Dm7 Dm7/G

Give me eyes of faith

C – Gm7 – C7

So I can see

F Dm7

All that’s in my heart

Em7 – Em7/A – Am7

I give to You

Dm7 Dm7/C

For only by Your grace

Bb Am/G – G

Can I make it through You are…

(Repeat All)


Album: He Is Faithful

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  1. joy sande Said,

    March 24, 2011 @ 1:46 pm

    Love to hear and learn gospel songs. I wish I can get some piano notes so I can play and sing in our church for God’s Honor and Glory.


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