You’re All I Need

Lazada Philippines

Intro: B – A 4X – B

You’re all I need
G#m                  A
Everything I’d ever hoped for
I’ve found in You
A                    Bsus – B
Everything I’ll ever need
You’re all I am
A                E            A  – F#m
Everything I’ve ever hoped to be
I found it all in You
And all I see
G#m                    A
Everything I’ve ever searched for
I’ve seen in You
E                 B
Everything I’ve dreamed
          E              G#m
And Your Spirit leads me on
        A             E   A
In the Grace of Jesus Christ
     F#m               B
This hope it fills my soul

     A    B        E
All glory to Your Name
     A    E        B
All power to Your Name
    A    E          C#7 B
All majesty and all honour
      A   E        B
All glory to Your Name
      A        B       E
Your Kingdom comes to reign
        A    E        B
In the glory of Your Name
                     A   E
In the power of Your Spirit
The glory of God
     A    B        E
All glory to Your Name

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